HyPrecision Predictive High Pressure Pump (Intensifier / Waterjet Pump)

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A high-pressure pump, also known as an intensifier, is a crucial component of a waterjet cutting machine. It generates the high-pressure water stream needed to cut through various materials effectively. The pump increases the pressure of the water, typically up to 60,000 or 90,000 pounds per square inch (psi), by using hydraulic intensification.
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Here's a brief overview of how a high-pressure pump works in a waterjet cutting machine:
  1. Water Supply: The pump is connected to a water supply, typically a clean water source or a water storage tank.

  2. Intensification: The pump contains a hydraulic system with pistons or plungers. Initially, the water enters a low-pressure chamber and fills it.

  3. Intensifying Stroke: The hydraulic system forces the pistons or plungers to move, reducing the volume of the low-pressure chamber. This action increases the water pressure significantly.

  4. Intensified Pressure: As the hydraulic system continues to compress the water, the pressure rises, reaching the desired level for cutting applications.

  5. Waterjet Creation: The high-pressure water exits the pump through a small orifice, usually a jewel, ruby or diamond, which creates a focused waterjet. This waterjet can pierce through various materials, including metals, stone, glass, composites, and more.

  6. Cutting Head: The high-pressure waterjet is directed through a cutting head, which may also include an abrasive material (abrasive waterjet cutting). The combination of high-pressure water and abrasive particles enables precise and efficient material cutting.

  7. Cutting Process: The cutting head is moved along the desired cutting path, guided by CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology. The high-pressure waterjet or abrasive waterjet effectively erodes and cuts through the material, creating the desired shapes and contours.

APM - Hypertherm HyPrecision Predictive High Pressure Pump

APM - Hypertherm HyPrecision pump - Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT)

APM - Hypertherm High Pressure Pump (Intensifier) for Waterjet Cutting

HyPrecision Predictive High Pressure Pump (Intensifier / Waterjet Pump)

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