Used "HACO" CNC Pressbrake

-Model: PPES 30135
-Origin: Belgium

Standard equipment :
·         Electronic-hydraulic levelling and angel setting.
·         3 – axes CNC Pressbrake [Y1-Y2-X]
·         X-axis back gauge with 2 fingers.
·         Automatic compensation of the sideframe deflection by means of table reference measuring scales.
·         2 sets of top tool and 1 set of single V-die included (as shown in pictures).
·         Foot pedal control
·         Angle programming with angle correction or programming in depth values
·         Material library
·         Automatic calculation of the bending sequence
·         Automatic generation of the CNC program
·         Manual Anti-deflection table (crowning table)

              Capacity                                                                135 Tons         
              Bending Length                                                     3,100mm
              Distance between sideframes                                2,600mm
              Gap                                                                        250mm
              Daylight opening                                                   400mm
              Stroke                                                                    200mm
              Table Width                                                           180mm
              Table Height                                                          915mm
              Fast Approach Speed                                            100mm/s
              Max. Working Speed                                            10mm/s
              Fast Return Speed                                                 100mm/s
              Motor Power                                                          15.0 KW
              Total Length                                                          3,500mm
              Total Width                                                            1,700mm
              Total Height                                                           2,500mm

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Used "HACO" CNC Pressbrake

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